Extended Group Members

In addition to our Core Group Members, many talented individuals ranging from students to faculty participate in Education Group activities. These colleagues – our Extended Group Members – are often actively involved in their own science education outreach, development, innovation, and research. This page highlights the Education Group’s Extended Group Members and their many interesting ongoing projects and initiatives in science education.

Extended membership in the Education Group is entirely voluntary. Please contact us to be included here as an Extended Member.


Dr. Melanie B. Berkmen

Assistant Professor
Suffolk University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
mberkmen<at> suffolk <dot> edu

Dr. Carolin Cardamone

Associate Director
Brown University Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning
Carolin_Cardamone <at> brown <dot> edu

Dr. Shoumita Dasgupta

Associate Professor of Medicine, Assistant Dean of Admissions, & Director of Graduate Studies in Genetics and Genomics
Boston University School of Medicine
dasgupta <at> bu <dot> edu

Dr. Catherine L. Drennan

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor & Investigator
MIT Departments of Chemistry & Biology
cdrennan <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Ari W. Epstein

Lecturer, MIT Terrascope Program
& MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
awe <at> alum <dot> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Colin Fredericks

Postdoctoral Associate
MIT Teaching & Learning Lab
cfred <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. John Girash

Associate Director, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
Lecturer, Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University
girash <at> fas <dot> harvard <dot> edu

Dr. Johanna L. Gutlerner

Associate Director of the Curriculum Fellows Program
Instructor, Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School
johanna_gutlerner <at> hms <dot> harvard <dot> edu

Meredith Thompson Knight

Science Educator & Researcher
Doctoral Candidate, Boston University School of Education
mtknight <at> bu <dot> edu

Dr. Natalie Kuldell

President, The BioBuilder Educational Foundation
Instructor, MIT Department of Biological Engineering
info <at> biobuilder <dot> org

Dr. Richard C. Larson

Mitsui Professor of Engineering Systems  & Director of the Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals
MIT Engineering Systems Division
rclarson <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Paul A. Lipton

Associate Director, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience
Boston University
palipton <at> bu <dot> edu

Dr. Mitch McVey

Associate Professor of Biology
Tufts University Department of Biology
mitch <dot> mcvey <at> tufts <dot> edu

Dr. Ishara Mills-Henry

Program Director of “Science of the Eye”
MIT Department of Biology
imills <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Anique J. Olivier-Mason

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Technical Instructor
MIT Department of Chemistry
aniqueom <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Christine Ortiz

Dean for Graduate Education & Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
MIT Department of Materials Science & Engineering
cortiz <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Megan Rokop

Director, Educational Outreach Program
The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
rokop <at> broadinstitute <dot> org

Dheeraj Roy

Ph.D. Candidate, Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience
MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
d_roy <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Julie Schell

Senior Educational Postdoctoral Fellow, The Mazur Group
Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
schell <at> seas <dot> harvard <dot> edu

Dr. Diviya Sinha

Technical Instructor
MIT Department of Biology
dsinha <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Elizabeth M. Vogel Taylor

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Instructor
MIT Department of Chemistry
evogel <at> mit <dot> edu

Zhi-Yang Tsun

M.D. – Ph.D. Candidate
Sabatini Laboratory, The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology/MIT Department of Biology
ztsun <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Kathleen M. Vandiver

Director, Community Outreach and Education Core
MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences
kathymv <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Brian White

Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts -Boston Department of Biology
brian <dot> white <at> umb <dot> edu

Dr. Mary Ellen Wiltrout

Molecular and Cellular Biology Preceptor
Harvard University Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
wiltrout <at> fas <dot> harvard <dot> edu

Dr. Rachel Woodruff

Educational Consultant, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
Laboratory Manager & Postdoctoral Researcher, Northeastern University
rachelw <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Ayce Yesilaltay

Reasearch Scientist
MIT Department of Biology
ayce <at> mit <dot> edu