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Professor Sanjoy Mahajan

Title: 21st Century Instructional Design – Task Centered Instruction

Seminar Date & Time: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 @ 3:00-4:15 pm

Location: Whitehead Institute Auditorium

Sanjoy Mahajan is Acting Director of Digital Residential Learning and Visiting Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT, and Associate Professor of Applied Science and Engineering at Olin College of Engineering. Between the frying pan of the usual, topic-centered instruction (one darn thing after another) and the fire of pure discovery learning, how do you stay cool? In his seminar, Professor Mahajan will describe task-centered instruction; its basis in cognitive science, especially in cognitive-load theory; how it synthesizes the good aspects of the frying pan and the fire to foster long-term learning; and how it helps us make principled choices about technology and residential teaching.

Recommend pre-reading: 10 Steps to Complex Learning (Kirschner & Van Merriënboer).

This event is co-sponsored by xTalks: Digital Discourses, an Office of Digital Learning talk series.


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