Seminar Archive: Professor David Darmofal and Dr. Chad Lieberman

Professor David Darmofal and Dr. Chad Lieberman

Title: Development of an Outcomes-based edX MOOC using LaTeX

Seminar Date & Time: Monday, December 16, 2013 @ 1:30 pm

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In their talk, Professor Darmofal and Dr. Lieberman discussed their on-going experience at developing and offering an edX MOOC (MITx: 16.101x Introduction to Aerodynamics). Their talk first focused on how learning outcomes can be embedded in the content not only to communicate intent and expectations, but also to provide a mechanism for students to access content by relevant outcomes. They discussed their attempts to mimic some aspects of the flipped classroom model in the on-campus subject 16.100. They considered how outcome-based tagging can be used to move towards a student assessment based on mastery of learning outcomes. Next, they discussed their attempt to mimic some aspects of the flipped classroom model that they have used in the on-campus subject 16.100. As opposed to recorded lecture videos, the material is presented as a web-based text embedded with interactive exercises and short tablet-based videos. In addition, more complex sample problems are given with solution videos followed by homework problems. And, they discussed the LaTeX-based environment they have been developing and using to author 16.101x.

David Darmofal is a Professor in Aeronautics and Astronautics where he teaches fluid dynamics and computational methods. He has developed flipped classroom models for his these subjects, and most recently has begun to utilize on-line technology to enable pre-class learning. He is a MacVicar Faculty Fellow and received the Murman Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising.

Chad Lieberman is the Lord Foundation Post-doctoral Associate in Engineering Education at MIT. He received a Ph.D. from MIT in 2013 in Aeronautics & Astronautics and has since turned his attention to studying and developing new pedagogical tools to exploit digital technologies in engineering education. In addition to working on 16.101x Introduction to Aerodynamics, Chad is involved in several other projects around campus including Crosslinks, MIToces, and in helping to write the preliminary report of the Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education.