Seminar Archive: Professor Patrice Thiriet on 3D visualizations to enhance Anatomy & Physiology curriculum

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Professor Patrice Thiriet

Seminar Topic:  3D visualizations enhance Anatomy & Physiology curriculum

Seminar Date & Time:  Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 10:30am

Location:  MIT 4-149

Co-Hosted by:  OEIT and The Education Group

Professor Patrice Thiriet and artist Olivier Rastello presented their suite of 3D visualization tools for anatomy education at MIT on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. The tools were created at the University of Lyon1 in France, by a team comprised of technologists, domain experts and visual artists who have compiled an open source suite that is freely available online. The interactive tools allow students to explore various aspects of human anatomy from perspectives that were hitherto impossible.

Professor Patrice Thiriet demonstrating the anatomy visualization tools that the Lyon1 team of domain specialists, artists, and technologists have generated.

Using 3D Studio Max and other 3D software applications, Olivier Rastello and his colleagues have built a comprehensive suite of human anatomy visualization tools. To support various student learning styles, the tools can be can be experienced in three modalities:

1.  On-demand Videos (View a Sample Video)

2.  Interactive 3D PDF files that users can manipulate

3.  Still images in a custom textbook that is structured with pedagogical sequence

The Q&A session that followed Professor Thiriet’s talk offered opportunities for members of the MIT community to explore further this innovative work in anatomy education. One participant inquired about the use of formal evaluation techniques to measure the learning impact of the visualization tools. Professor Thiriet reported that assessment studies indicate a definite and positive correlation between student use of the tools and their improved performance on anatomy exams and abilities to perform mental rotation of anatomical structures. Evaluations have also revealed student opinions that indicate that they enjoy studying with the visualization tools, which provide them with an engaging learning environment.

Image excerpts from the video "Muscles de la paroi abdominale" created by the Lyon1 team.

Dr. Violeta Ivanova of MIT OEIT is working closely with Professor Thiriet, artist Olivier Rastello, and their team to explore applications of Lyon1′s processes and technologies in support of 3D visualization projects for educational uses at MIT.