Meredith Thompson Knight

Science Educator & Researcher
Doctoral Candidate, Boston University School of Education
B.A., Chemistry, Cornell
M.A., Science Education, Tufts University
Ed. D. (in process), Boston University

E-mail:  mtknight <at> bu <dot> edu

Ms. Knight holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Cornell University and is a science educator and researcher with over 10 years of experience in research, program evaluation, and program management and coordination. She has conducted research as part of a team for a large scale, national study, and has designed and implemented a number of smaller scale evaluations for educational programs at the K-16 level. She was the primary author for the paper “Building a Structure of Support: An Inside Look at the Structure of Women in Engineering Programs” that appeared in the Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. She has also coordinated and run 11 teacher workshops for over 280 teachers at the K-12 level. Ms. Knight not only conducts research on science education but also participates actively in designing programs and writing grants to fund innovative programs that improve science education. She was the Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Chemistry at Tufts University, assisting professors in designing and implementing the educational components of their grants. She and her twin sister combined their love for music and for science into a educational program on the science of instruments called “Soundscience Fun“.  They have presented this program in science museums, schools, and libraries, and were featured in a segment of PBS’s “Curious George” show. She started a doctoral program in science education at Boston University’s School of Education in Fall of 2011.

Related websites:

Soundscience Fun – an Educational Program on the Science of Instruments, created by Meredith Thompson Knight & Chris Thompson Lively

Selected publications:

Knight, M., & Cunningham, C. (2004a). Building a Structure of Support: An Inside Look at the Structure of Women in Engineering Programs. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 10(1), 1-20. Link to Article

Knight, M., Huttlinger, C., Carlson, B., Cunningham, C. (2006) “Engineering in the Classroom: A Local, Low Tech Approach.” The Technology Teacher. October 1, 2006.

Cunningham, C., Knight, M., Carlsen, W., Kelly, G. (2007) “Integrating Engineering in Middle and High School Classrooms”. International Journal of Engineering Education, 23(1), 3-8. Link to Journal

Walt, D.R., Kuhlik, A., Epstein, S. K., Demmer, L. A., Knight, M., Chelmow, D., Rosenblatt, M. and Bianchi, D.W. (2010) Lessons learned from the introduction of personal genotyping into a medical school curriculum. Genetics in Medicine, 13 (1), 63-66. Link to Article


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