Dr. Brian White

Assistant Professor
Biology Department
University of Massachusetts Boston
B.S., Biology, MIT
Ph.D., Biology, Stanford University

E-mail: brian <dot> white <at> umb <dot> edu

Brian White is an educator, developer, and educational researcher. He teaches Introductory Biology at UMass Boston. He has been a participant and facilitator at the HHMI Summer Institute for Scientific Teaching. As a member of the BioQUEST curriculum consortium, he has developed several freely-available software simulations for teaching biology. These include the Virtual Genetics Lab, a simulation of genetics that is in use at colleges and high schools worldwide; and Aipotu, a simulation that links genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and evolution. His research program focuses on evaluating these and other educational materials.

Related websites:

Brian White’s Science Education Software Page
URL: http://intro.bio.umb.edu/BW/

Virtual Genetics Lab
URL: http://vgl.umb.edu/

Aipotu – simulation software that links genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and evolution
URL: http://aipotu.umb.edu/

Brian White’s Home Page
URL: http://intro.bio.umb.edu/BW/

Selected publications:

White, B., Kahriman A., Luberice, L., & Idleh, F. (2010) Evaluation of Software for Introducing Protein Structure: VISUALIZATION AND SIMULATION Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 38(5) 284-289. View PDF

White, B. (2009) Analysis of Students’ Downloading of On-Line Audio Lecture Recordings in a Large Biology Lecture Course Journal of College Science Teaching 38(3) 23-27. View PDF

White, B. (2006) A Simple and Effective Protein Folding Activity Suitable for Large Lectures Cell Biology Education 5:264-269. View PDF

White, B. (2004) Reasoning Maps: a Generally-applicable Method for Characterizing Hypothesis-Testing Behavior. International Journal of Science Education 26(14) 1715-1731. View PDF


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