Dr. Elizabeth M. Vogel Taylor

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Instructor
MIT Department of Chemistry
A.B., Chemistry, Hamilton College
Ph.D., Chemistry, MIT

E-mail: evogel <at> mit <dot> edu

Beth Taylor is an HHMI Instructor in the Chemistry Department at MIT. She works with HHMI Professor Cathy Drennan on her HHMI initiatives: “Improving Chemistry Teaching and Mentoring Nationwide”. Beth’s educational interests focus on generating free and easy-to-implement materials for science educators, including creating and assessing examples for general chemistry lectures that demonstrate the chemical principles behind inspiring examples in biology, medicine, and MIT research. Taylor has also been involved in graduate student TA and mentor training and in creating a training manual to address stereotype threat in the classroom. Beth teaches freshman chemistry (MIT Course 5.111) and has developed and taught biochemistry laboratory modules (MIT Course 5.36).

Related websites:

Biology and Medicine Related Examples for General Chemistry Lectures by Taylor and Drennan (2010)
MedEdPORTAL URL: http://www.mededportal.org/publication/8080

Selected education-related publications:

Taylor, EMV, Drennan, CL (2010) Redox Chemistry and Hydrogen Bonding in Drug Design: Using Human Health Examples to Inspire your High School Chemistry Students, Chem 13 News 376, 8-10. View PDF

Taylor, EV, Fortune JA, Drennan, CL (2010) A Research-Inspired Laboratory Sequence Investigating Acquired Drug Resistance. Biochem. Mol. Biol. Educ. 38(4), 247-252. View PDF

Taylor, EV, Mitchell, R, Drennan, CL (2009) Creating an Interdisciplinary Introductory Chemistry Course Without Time-Intensive Curriculum Changes. ACS Chem. Biol. 4(12), 979-982. View PDF

Taylor, EMV, Mitchell, R, Drennan, C (2009) A TA Training Bootcamp Reinforces Curriculum Innovations and Improves the Recitation Experience in Freshman Chemistry. MIT Faculty Newsletter XXI(4), 22-24. View PDF

Taylor, EV, Mitchell, R, Drennan, CL (2007) Bringing the Excitement of Biological Research into the Chemistry Classroom at MIT. ACS Chem. Biol. 2(8), 515-517. View PDF


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