Dr. Graham C. Walker

HHMI Professor and American Cancer Society Research Professor of Biology
MIT Department of Biology
B.S., Chemistry, Carleton University
Ph.D., Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Illinois

E-mail: gwalker <at> mit <dot> edu

Professor Graham Walker of the MIT Department of Biology was among the first twenty HHMI Professors selected in 2002 by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and was chosen again as one of the thirteen members of the HHMI Society of Professors for 2010-2014. With the award, Professor Walker has reestablished the Education Group, engaged in educational innovation and organized with a structure analogous to a laboratory research group. Professor Walker has a deep commitment to undergraduate science education. He has been involved in the development of innovative educational resources, including the freely available 3D protein structure explorer StarBiochem. In addition to his work in science education, Professor Walker also has an active laboratory research program at MIT that concentrates on two major areas: (1) the regulation and mechanism of action of proteins involved in DNA repair and mutagenesis and (2) the identification of bacterial functions required for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules on legumes, with special interest in the relationship between these functions and pathogenesis.

Selected publications:

Alemán, L.M., M. Kosinski-Collins, C. Shubert, I. Ceraj, C.A. Kaiser, and G.C. Walker. Harnessing the Power of Research-Based Visualization and Simulation Tools for Classroom teaching. Submitted to American Biol. Teach.

Anderson, W.A., C.L. Drennan, U. Banerjee, S.C.R, Elgin, I.R. Epstein, J. Handelsman, G.F. Hatfull, R. Losick, D.K. O’Dowd, B.M. Olivera, S.A. Strobel, G.C. Walker, and I.M. Warner. Changing the Culture of Science Education at Research Universities. Science 331: 152-153 (2011). View PDF

Halme, D.G., J. Khodor, R. Mitchell, and G.C. Walker. A Small-Scale Concept-Based Laboratory Component: the Best of Both Worlds. Cell Biol. Educ. 3: 111-121 (2006). View PDF

Khodor, J., D.G. Halme, and G.C. Walker. A Hierarchical Biology Concept Framework: A Tool for Course Design, Assessment, and Revision. Cell Biol. Educ. 3:111-121 (2004). View PDF

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