Welcome to the Education Group!

The Education Group is a collaborative of graduate students, postdoctoral associates, research scientists, instructors, faculty, and technologists who have a strong interest in teaching and doing innovative work in science education. The group is largely focused on developing and implementing tools, materials, and resources for University-level and High School-level Biology education. Conceptually analogous to a laboratory research group, the Education Group was first created by HHMI Professor Graham Walker of the MIT Department of Biology in 2002.

We welcome members of the MIT community and other local institutions to join us in Education Group activities, which include a Seminar Series, Group Meetings, a journal club called Education Topics Teatime, various outreach activities, and other events and projects.

The Education Group is supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which created the Society of HHMI Professors with the specific purpose of encouraging faculty at major research universities to devote more time to teaching undergraduates and developing new tools that engage students and enrich their science learning experience. Professor Graham Walker was among the first twenty HHMI Professors selected in 2002 by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for their pilot program, and he was chosen again as one of the thirteen members of the HHMI Society of Professors for 2010-2014. The award provides resources for the Education Group to do some exciting work in Biology Education.

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