Dr. Ayce Yesilaltay

Research Scientist
MIT Department of Biology
B.S., Biology, Bogazici University
Ph.D., Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, UMass Medical School

E-mail: ayce <at> mit <dot> edu

Dr. Ayce Yesilaltay consistently and enthusiastically integrates teaching and mentoring into her activities as a research scientist at MIT. She has designed and taught undergraduate courses at MIT (A Love-Hate Relationship: Cholesterol in Health and Disease) and at Suffolk University (Biochemistry II/Metabolism and Molecular Biochemistry). She is also a regular guest lecturer for the Human Physiology course at MIT. In addition to teaching in the classroom, she has mentored several high school, undergraduate and graduate students in the lab and for the Howard Hughes Summer Research Program. Ayce also received a mentoring award from the MIT Biology Department. Ayce’s main research interests lie in understanding the regulation and function of the HDL receptor, SR-BI, and the pathophysiologies associated with this receptor such as atherosclerosis, female infertility and hypercholesterolemia. This focus also intimately involves studying PDZK1, the tissue-specific regulator of SR-BI. As an extended member, Ayce will continue to participate in education workshops and attend seminars organized by the HHMI Education Group, Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, and MIT Biology Department Outreach Program.

Selected publications:

Yesilaltay, A., Daniels, K., Pal, R., Krieger, M. and Kocher, O. (2009) Loss of PDZK1 causes coronary artery occlusion and myocardial infarction in Paigen diet-fed apolipoprotein E deficient mice. PLoS ONE 4:e8103.

Kocher, O., Yesilaltay, A., Shen, C., Zhang, S., Pal, R., Daniels, K., Chen, J. and Krieger, M. (2008) Influence of PDZK1 on lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis. Biochim Biophys Acta-Mol Basis Dis. 1782:310-316.

Yesilaltay, A., Kocher, O., Pal, R., Leiva, A., Quinones, V., Rigotti, A. and Krieger, M. (2006) PDZK1 is required for maintaining hepatic SR-BI’s steady state levels but not its surface localization or function. J Biol Chem. 281:28975-28980.

Yesilaltay, A., Morales, M.G., Amigo, L., Zanlungo, L., Rigotti, A., Karackattu, S.L., Donahee, M.H., Kozarsky K. and Krieger, M.  (2006) Effects of hepatic expression of the HDL-receptor SR-BI on lipoprotein metabolism and female fertility. Endocrinology 147:1577-1588.

Yesilaltay, A., Kocher, O., Rigotti, A. and Krieger M. (2005) Regulation of SR-BI-mediated high-density lipoprotein metabolism by the tissue‑specific adaptor protein PDZK1. Curr Opin Lipidol. 16:147-152.

Yesilaltay, A. and Jenness, D.D. (2000) Homo-oligomeric complexes of the a-factor pheromone receptor are functional units of endocytosis. Mol Biol Cell. 11:2873-2884.


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